Alan Carr on trampolining in the back yard, and finding his mate behind the sofa: Alan Carr

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Alan Carr: On trampolining in the backyard -

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Do you lie-in at the weekend? I try to but I’m not very good at it. When I’ve got something to get up for I struggle. But when there’s nothing going on, I can’t really relax and have to get up – I’ve got lots of nervous energy.

What’s the best way to while away a Saturday morning? I’ve got two red setters who sit and stare at me, crossing their legs, until I take them out, so a good long walk is always on the cards. Watching them bounce around in the fresh air always brings a tear to my eyes. It’s like having kids, but with poor hygiene.

What’s your perfect breakfast? I love eggs benedict – eggs and ham on a muffin with a drizzle of hollandaise sauce – very sophisticated.

Are you ever hung-over at the weekend? Yes I was terrible after the Box party – I’m...

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