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Dawn French: The Dawn of a new era -

The funny, fascinating (and freshly single) Dawn French has added another string to her bow.

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The term national treasure is bandied about all too freely these days, and there are just a select few to whom it genuinely applies.

But Sir David Jason most definitely falls into that elite category.

Since his iconic appearances as Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter in Only Fools and Horses in 1981, he has entertained us with his performances, both in comedy and drama.

Today, at 71, in his sharp suit, he’s more Frost than Del Boy, but that Peckham twinkle is still in his eye.

‘Well, it’s hard to get away from when they’re still showing it 30 years later,’ says David affectionately.

‘It’s not too bad for me — I only get the occasional “luvvly jubbly” thrown at me.

It’s Nicholas Lyndhurst (who played Rodney) I feel sorry for. He gets called a plonker and a dipstick almost every day of his life!’

Only Fools And Horses was British comedy at its best, yet David left his comedy roots behind to try more serious drama roles and documentaries, both of which proved to be very successful.

Now, at last, he’s making a return to the home of the comedy sitcom — the BBC are about to screen his new venture, The Royal Bodyguard.

‘It’s very exciting to be back doing physical comedy,’ he says of his role as Her Majesty’s protector, Guy Hubble.

‘I’ve been waiting to do something like this — but it was never the right time or the right script. I’ve missed being funny but  never lost my love for comedy.'

So what was it about this script, written by the creators of The Worst Week Of My Life, Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni, that appealed?

‘It’s very funny and very different,’ he says. ‘There aren’t many comedy shows you can sit down and watch with the family.

‘We’ve got all the entertainment and reality shows, but good old-fashi...

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The Dawn of a new era