Private Secrecy

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Naomie Harris: Private Secrecy -

Despite a succession of Hollywood blockbusters, including the two most recent James Bond movies, Naomie Harris has no interest in the glamour of the red carpet - she'd rather spend her time out of the limelight in a flotation tank

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Make-up free, and with her hair pulled back, Naomie Harris draws admiring glances as she walks towards the table where we’re unexpectedly having lunch alfresco, thanks to last month’s heatwave. Accompanied by her mum, Carmen (who looks more like her sister), she greets me like an old friend and, being typically English, we immediately start discussing the virtues of the great British weather.

For someone who has just arrived from Toronto, via Los Angeles, and says jet-lag is her enemy, Naomie, who recently turned 40, looks incredible. ‘That’s down to a flotation tank,’ she says. ‘I’ve discovered that the only way to combat the effects of travelling is to immerse myself in a dark pod, filled with salt water and float for an hour.

‘It’s all about sensory deprivation and works a treat. I go straight there from the airport, but my dream is to have my own tank at home. That’s what keeps me working!’ Carmen’s tried it too but can’t attest to its success in quite the same way. ‘Mum had a freak-out in there,’ laughs Naomie.

‘She was screaming, “I don’t like it, I don’t like it,” but half an hour later people had to bang on the door because she’d fallen asleep! I’ve never done that!’

Carmen and Naomie often come as a pair and live on the same street. ‘We are very close,’ Naomie says. ‘There’s not much I wouldn’t pass by mum first – and I have a lot to be thankful to her for.’


Naomie’s father left the family home before she was born, so it was down to Carmen to raise her daughter alone. Times were tough, but so was Carmen, and being surrounded by strong, powerful women in the family, brought out the very best in Naomie.

‘I grew up to believe anything was possible if you worked hard enough,’ sh...

Naomie Harris
Private Secrecy