On fame, family and filming Star Trek

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Simon Pegg: On fame, family and filming Star Trek -

Actor Simon Pegg has re-evaluated what’s really important in his life, following the tragic death of Star Trek Beyond co-star Anton Yelchin

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We caught up with Simon Pegg in July 2016…

For someone who cut his teeth as a stand-up in the back-street comedy clubs of England, Simon Pegg, 46, seems to be taking his current worldwide acclaim in his stride. If he feels like one of the most successful British exports to Hollywood, you’d never know it, as he walks unassumingly into the restaurant where we’re having lunch.

Perhaps, under different circumstances, he’d be buzzing to tell Balance about the new Star Trek movie, which he both co-wrote and stars in, but since the death of his co-star Anton Yelchin, aged only 27, in a freak accident last month, Simon has struggled to think of much else.

‘Today wasn’t something I was particularly looking forward to,’ he admits. ‘It hasn’t been easy since losing Anton and the thought of having to put on a smiley face to promote the movie seemed impossible.’

After three Star Trek movies, the cast and crew are like family to Simon and having filmed the last instalment in Vancouver, where they lived, worked and socialised together, the bond was even stronger. ‘It just doesn’t feel real,’ he says. ‘I’ve lost people before, but it has mostly been expected, so when someone is taken in this way, I honestly felt like the world was going to stop. It obviously doesn’t, and life does have to go on, but it has completely changed my perspective on what’s important and what’s not, and has just made me want to gather up all my loved ones and make the most of the time we have together.’


His loved ones include his wife of nearly 11 years, Maureen, and their little girl Matilda, seven, who, despite Simon’s meteoric rise to fame since starring as the eponymous hero in cult movie Shaun of the Dead, live a very normal, quiet life in rural Hertfordshire.

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Simon Pegg
On fame, family and filming Star Trek