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Bruce Forsyth: My Strictly Come Dancing days are numbered -

But the 85-year-old presenter has refused to confirm whether he is bowing out of the show entirely

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Bruce Forsyth has admitted he feels well past his sell-by date and his days on Strictly are numbered.

But while the 85-year-old presenter refuses to confirm whether he is bowing out of the show entirely, he has plenty to say on who he’d like to replace him.

“So many people have been put in the frame,” he says. “I adore Anton du Beke... he would be great. And Vernon Kay could do the job very well.

“But I’d love Ant and Dec to do it. I think they’d do an amazing job.”

After stepping down three years ago from the Sunday night results show, Sir Bruce has hinted that if he does return for another series, he will cut back even more on his duties.

“I don’t know how it can be done, but we’re looking at possibilities,” he says. “The Saturday night live show alone can sometimes be five hours work, which a 30-year-old would find hard to do, let alone me at 85.

“I’ve been leaving that show since the first series. I’m in talks with the BBC now and we’re thrashing ideas around.  I appreciate I’m well past my sell-by date. To think I’ve gone 20 years past the expected retirement age is ­incredible and I feel very grateful I’ve stayed well enough to be able to enjoy it.”

While the glitterballs and stardust of Strictly Come Dancing have boosted  Brucie’s profile, he reveals it hasn’t ­always been right up his street.

“I don’t get the chance to do what I love, which is working with an ­audience,” he says. “On Strictly the camera is my judge and jury, so I can’t have the fun I’d like. On my previous shows, like Play Your Cards Right and The Generation Game, I had the freedom to play with my guests and the audience.

“I’d love it if the celebrities fell over more often or made big mistakes b...

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