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Sir David Jason: Fatherhood at 73, surviving Disneyland -

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There’s more than a twinkle of Del Boy in Sir David Jason’s eyes. He’s 73 but has the sharp mind and wit of someone half his age. He’s about to reprise a role from even further back in his multi-talented career and you can see he has the fizz and energy to do it.

But just ask him about his daughter Sophie, born when he was 61 and now an almost-teenager of 12. Suddenly you can see waves of exhaustion wash over him.

“They say having a child makes you young at heart,” he says. “But, bloody hell, Sophie makes me feel old! She shouldn’t, but she does.

"We went to Disney a few years back and it nearly killed me. She wanted me to go on all the rides – up and down the roller coasters. Never again!

“As soon as I got there I just thought, ‘Oh Gordon Bennett!’ She wanted me to take her on all the rides…which I did, but I was soon cured. I was exhausted!”

The trip clearly made a big impression on David, who launches into a hilarious stream of consciousness about one nightmarish experience in particular: “We went on this ride where you go on a boat and there’s these monsters and dinosaurs that come out. We were all enjoying ourselves saying, ‘Oh look at that’, and getting the camera out.

“Then we came round and suddenly there was this huge ramp going up and I thought, ‘Oh gawd, we’re going up on that are we?’ And of course, you can’t get out the bloody boat.

“So up we go, then it straightens out and you’re going along and it’s all a bit dark with a few flashing lights and things...then what happened was, suddenly we go round this bend and there was this huge dinosaur with its mouth going ‘Raaah!’ and the boat’s going towards it, and Sophie absolutely pooped herself and threw herself on to me screaming.

“I was ...

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